Assassin's Creed III Tomahawk

English version worklog

The idea of ​​tomahawk appeared in my mind with the first screenshots of the game, because it was too bright and memorable part of the character. Wait for the summer and began work. The most difficult part was to find a piece of aluminum, as well in retail it is nowhere. But finally right piece has been found:

 Draw and began to cut out with an electric jigsaw, aluminum was cut incredibly easy.

 Also I need to make up a tube, which will hold all the entire structure. This tube was made of two sheets of aluminum found in the garage, and has served as a core part of the butcher's ax also found somewhere in the attic in the garage.

 Next, it was necessary to saw out the wooden handle, jigsaw sawed the curved shape and just stitch and polished with sandpaper.

 All the instruments used to create:

 electric jigsaw, sawing wood and aluminum, a couple of files and sandpaper.

 Then by welding put all the pieces had to be long and boring grind the entire part. It took about 3-4 days.


After covered the handle the dark stain and connected

 Miracle briefcase with instruments -___-

 Were only decorative work. Cut from artificial leather ribbon, wrapped handle, wiped the edge with sandpaper to create the effect of attrition, and the usual furniture nails were the rivets.
 On both sides of the handle made ​​a small patterned cut and acrylic painted with gold paint. Lacquered handle, wrapped a rope after an ax and feather weight gain. Done!

With my first project Assassin's Creed Mod PC

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