Assassins Creed Mod [English language]

Hm. I don't know what to begin with. So I'll begin with greeting. Greetings, dear visitors! I'd like to introduce you my first modification and describe process of its creating in details.

Full size photo in an article in Russian.
Idea of modification came to me about year ago. Backbone of this modification is chest or box contains treasures or maps.
Such chests are located all over in-game world. In the game they look more common. That's why I have added some details: Assassin’s symbol, cuts on sides in shape of Eden Apple, pattern at front etc.
Creating process:
Body is made of solid parquetry.

Sizes of body are: lenght-39cm, height-27.5cm, width-22.5cm. Stuck together with screws, which are covered by frame.
Then I cut out a hole for disk drive.

I didn't have dremel, so I had to cut Eden Apples (which were going to be illuminated) manually and grind it with flint paper.
Unfortunately, because of that, edges look uneven. So I decided to make it holes for ventilation.

It takes a very long time to do it manually, but I had time. Working about 4 hours per day, it took about 2 weeks.
Assassin's symbol. First I cut a shape with fretsaw and then grinded. Wood appeared to be soft, so I finished symbol in week or less.

I made cuts in the bar with fretsaw, and then worked up manually.

Pattern at front was hard to make because of solid wood. I spent a week or more for it.

On the picture you can see wrong hole for button, but fortunately I could hide it under frame.
Lid of the chest were made from parquetry. Actually it was another parquetry, but fortunately it looks the same.

Wooden plinth is on the sides. I covered chinks with crack filler.

Power and reset buttons are disguised in frame.

Pasting together:
I covered chink between body's side and system board with old wire from system board.

Placing parts:
Disk drive is located down there, next to it HDD is, on the top of them system board (wires are hidden under it). White illumination is above side holes.
Net covering holes on sides is emery net, that I've noticed in the garage. It fits in just like I imagined.


I covered wood with mordant, painted frame with acrylic paint. I bought handles in a shop, painted them too. Varnished it all. Stuck the embroidery, presented by girl from forum(thanks a lot ^^).
Pattern is exactly from game, from box for feathers. I couldn't make a good stencil, so I just painted it with a brush. I thought it would be worse)
The whole work have taken about 2 months. I'm going to make a brand inscription on the lid of power module later.

System board ASRock H61DE/S3
2gb RAM
CPU Intel Genuine-3100
nVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (G92GT/D8P) (from old computer)
Power nodule Chieftec APS-550S
320gb HDD

System is not very good, but it's all, that I could allow to buy. I'll add "real" cooler for CPU, but some more RAM and so on.

Well, that seems to be everything. If you have questions, please, ask. I'm always here. And don't forget to subscribe for the blog!
Full size photo in an article in Russian.

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